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How Does it Work?

Keen to do it yourself? We can help you with that.

- Open 7 days a week 6am - 10 pm (last wash 9h10pm and dry 9h30pm)

- Pensioners discount of 20%. 


You will need a Laundromat Co. card to operate the machines. This can be bought from our PAY section (Value Add Centre). 

Following the instructions, you can add credit to the card as per your needs. The card is like money - do not lose it, keep it save for next time.


We have 10 machines ranging from 9kg - 30kg depending on your washing needs. Using the Laundromat Co. card, you can operate the machines. We offer cold, warm or hot washes. Refer to the instructions on the machines or the wall for guidance. 


Laundromat Co. offers you 16, 22kg dryers to ensure your laundry is fold-ready! Again you will need a Laundromat Co. card to operate the dryers. Read the instructions (on the machines) carefully before use. You can choose the dryer settings and  open the door of the dryer during the cycle.


For your convenience we have a vending machine where you can find soap, softener and laundry bags.


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